Erik Salin & Behspoke: Freedom Capsule Erik Salin designed an air capsule for renowned designer Behspoke.
Set in green Guatemalan marble, the capsule blends beautifully with the unconventional design of Lazar Spasojevic, who created this unique table.

• Menton Tuning show (1999)

• Circus Festival of Monaco (1998)


Many personalities from the entertainment, sports and music industries have asked Erik Salin to create unique works for them...

• Brad Pitt, actor and producer

• Lapo Elkann, businessman and grandson of the founder of Fiat

• Charles Leclerc, Formula 1 driver with Scuderia Ferrari

• Johnny Hallyday, singer and actor

• Christian Audigier, fashion designer and entrepreneur

• Tonya Kissinger, actress and broadcaster

• Michael and Ralph Schumacher, former Formula 1 drivers

• Jeff Beck, guitarist (ranked 5th best of all time by Rolling Stones magazine)

• Billy Gibbons, singer and guitarist of the band ZZ Top


  • Grand National Roadster Show, Los Angeles (2011,2012)
  • NRJ Awards, Cannes (2013)
  • Monaco
  • St Barthelemy